29 June 2015

June's Super Cute Box

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DIY Bracelet

Nothings more satisfying than creating something yourself!

A cute easy to make DIY bracelet kit was included to give you something to do in that odd bored hour. As an added bonus, it's perfect to wear this summer during festival & beach season!


These adorable coasters are handy for anything from holding your drink or any lil trinkets you have lying about.

Why not put your beads in it whilst you make your DIY bracelet?

Letter Set

Technology is overrated. Be more personal by sending someone a letter with these cute letter sets.

Or use them to make notes for yourself.. shopping list, to do lists etc

Lolly Pen

You'll never lose this pen!

Woven lolly pen looks super cute in your stationery box! What colour did you get?

Happy Day Pen

Writing with a fine liner is so satisfying!

Gorgeous pens designed by Ningju, different designs for each colour ink.

We love writing with these!
Choo Cat Stickers

Choo is so cute!

Perfect pack of stickers with a whole range including one for your diary and/or organisers.
But don't use them!! They look so adorable in their booklet.

Have you seen the one with the cat and the egg? It's super cute!

Rilakkuma Storage Box

Pop it up and viola! A storage box that easily folds away.

Use it for stationery, toiletries, make up brushes, perfume etc.. What did you use yours for?

4 different designs went out!

Washi Tape

Tape is so boring... Not any more! Everyone needs washi tape in their life to brighten up any gift.

Not only that - washi tape can be used to decorate absolutely anything! A quick google will give you endless crafts you can do with your tape.

Expect more washi tape in future boxes to add to your never-enough collection!

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