29 July 2015

July Box Reviewer - The Gingerbread House

Lifestyle Blogger Jenny over at The Gingerbread House has reviewed our July box!

Check out the full review Here!

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July's Collaborations

This month we collaborated with This Material Culture & Bettie Confetti to bring you some unique handmade products!

Want to know more about them? Find out here.

This Material Culture

As a company, our mission is to allow everybody to own a unique piece of handmade jewellery that reflects their personality. So if you love Paris, we have an eiffel tower pendant, a good cup of tea, we have a teacup bangle or what about an All of My heart bangle to say that you care.
We are quirky, fun and a little bit geeky, we want to chat with you, find out what you love, and find something in our collections that you will adore.

Bettie Confetti
Greeting cards with a side order of sarcasm.

Bettie Confetti is owned by Andy. As she writes in her Etsy shop bio - "kinda crafty and sometimes I even think I'm kinda funny. I love creating something that'll put a smile on your face, even if it might be a bit cheeky. I'm a first time Etsy Seller, but a long time Etsy buyer and hope you enjoy my products. They're all handmade from my home in my hobby corner that's the perfect distraction from my Husband's serious Xbox habit."

27 July 2015

July's Super Cute Box

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13 July 2015

June Box Review - Super Cute Kawaii

Kawaii Blogger Marceline has reviewed our June box over at supercutekawaii.com.

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9 July 2015

June Box Reviewer - Rii Ri Chan

Cosplay Blogger Rii Ri has reviewed our june box over at Riiri-chan.com.

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6 July 2015

June Box Reviewer - Life in a Break Down

Lifestyle Blogger Sarah Bailey over at Life in a Break Down has reviewed our June box!

Check out the full review Here!

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