27 July 2015

July's Super Cute Box

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Hello Kitty Cable Clip

Keep your phone charger cable tidy with this handy cable clip!

Or use it to wrap up your headphones - no one likes it when you pull them out your bag in a tangled mess.

Hello Kitty's face around any cable will make you smile :)

Rilakkuma Key Cover

Cuten up your Keys with this silicon key cover.

Now you will always find the important key you're after without having to try them all.

Rilakkuma Note Pad

This fold-able 4 pad notebook is adorable!

Rilakkuma visits paris, with 4 differet designs you can get.

Small and handy, folds away to fit in your bag or pocket with lines and plain pads inside. Perfect for quick notes on the go or shopping lists.

Doughnut Socks

Cutest trainer liners ever!

Who doesn't love doughnuts, am I right?

Sweeten up your feet this summer with sleek doughnut print trainer liner socks.

Look fab under some funky sandels!

Bettie Confetti Greetings Cards

We collaborated with Bettie Confetti over at Etsy where she makes quirky handmade greetings cards.

With 2 possible designs - You either had one for the make up obsessives (every girl!?) or for someone special who is always the pink starburst.

This Material Culture Deer Pendant

We collaborated with This Material Culture To bring you an adorable deer pendant necklace - Exclusive to Super Cute Box!

The deer will be available to purchase from their store at a later date but for now - you are the only owners in the world with one!

We love exclusives!

Cat in a Box Post-its

These cute mini post it notes come with a box you fold and create yourself, so that the cat sits in the box!

The cutest way to keep them on your desk.

The cats themselves make great bookmarks or a quick reminder you need to jot down.

Gudetama Plush

The latest craze in Japan is this adorable lazy egg!

Gudetama is a favourite character for many Japanese culture followers and now you have a super cute plush key ring of it!

So soft and squishy!

Natural Pattern Envelope Set

Whenever you need to keep something safe, a memory or a letter to your future self or if you want to send someone a note, these beautiful envelopes are the best way to do it!

They come in a range of designs - each one beautifully printed.

Keep them for something special!

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