27 November 2015

November's Super Cute Box


This box is packed full to the brim to get you started for Christmas!

Pug Christmas Cards from Sioux Alice

One of 4 different super cute pug Christmas card designs from Sioux Alice.

Everyone has that one pug-loving dog mad friend. Well now you have their Christmas card sorted!

Fairy Lights

Either star or heart design, these are the most adorable portable fairy lights ever!

Because they take batteries - no need to find a mains.

Great for decorating notice boards, beds, the nursery, your work or study desk, even the fridge could do with a bit of sparkle!

JAC in a Pod Cake Toppers

Get baking!! After all - Christmas is the season to double your calorie intake.

These unique to Super Cute Box cake toppers from JAC in a Pod are the perfect finishing touch to your winter nutmeg with a cream cheese frosting cupcakes. Yumm!

Finger-less Gloves

Dug out last years gloves and only found one?
Now is the time you need a new pair, ready for the cold winter to come.

These finger-less gloves mean you can still use your mobile whilst keeping your mits warm!

Plus they have the cutest design - Bonus!

Christmas Tree Pocket Light

This cute pocket light fits into your wallet and is perfect for those dark winter nights when you can't quite see to get your key in the door after the Christmas Party.

Alternatively it can sit on your shelf for a cute addition to your Christmas decorations!

Flossy & Jim Christmas Cards

We collaborated with Flossy & Jim to give you these very unique quirky Christmas cards!

Lots of designs you could have received, all very different from your usual shop bought Christmas card - Perfect for a relative or friend!

Masking Tape Sheets

These sheets have some pre cut masking strips, great for decorating planners, diaries, folders, notebooksetc

Or if you need a quick piece of tape for a present that's not your usual clear celotape - boring right!

Which 2 did you receive?

Lace Tape

Get wrapping Christmas pressies with this beautiful lace tape!

Or keep it for yourself - they make any crafts look super cute!

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