28 September 2015

August's Super Cute Box

Subscribers get an exclusive charm bracelet and collectible charm sent out every month!

Reviewers: Becky Bed Bug | BeejuBoxes

Strawberry Bunny Purse

This adorable keychain bunny purse can be used for anything from loose change to bits and bobs you need to carry around with you!

Cutiecon Kitty Necklace

We included some gorgeous Cutiecon necklaces!

There were two colours available, check out their website for more adorable jewellery - don't forget to use your discount coupon included!

 Leather Charm Bracelet

Nothing says summer and festivals like these multi charm bracelets!

So many different styles - which one did you get?

Poka-Dot Hair Bobble

This adorable little hair bobble looks super cute in a bun or a ponytail.

Or even round your wrist to match a cute outfit!

So colourful and bright, definitely 'cutens' up any style.

Sticker Pack

The cutest box of stickers, in different shapes and sizes.
Great for planners, book covers, glassware, cupboards, the fridge - or just about anything!

From macrons, to  animals to elegant birds and designs - Who's not to be happy with the design they got!

Nail Art Stickers

It's time to spruce up your nails with some cute summer/autumn flowers..

Easy to apply - just stick them on!

Either apply a base colour first or go natural, then seal them with a clear top coat so they last longer.

Totoro Pin

Everyone loves Totoro right? Of course i'm right.

He made an appearance in the form of a cute wooden pin badge.

Perfect for school bags or to add a touch-of-totoro to your outfit.

Fairy Tights

Something a little different - It's going to be gettng colder soon and you might want to wear your summer skirt still but need to cover your legs..

We have the solution! skin toned tights with a cute fairy tattoo design on the ankle. You don't need a real tattoo to add style.

The Taste Buds Postcard

Thank you to Sai over at The Taste Buds for providing us with these unique to Super Cute Box postcards!
The art is super cute and so unique - We haven't seen anything like it! Check out their site for more art and an online store.

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