1 October 2015

September's Super Cute Box

Customer Photo from Nicolesewell

Subscribers get an exclusive charm bracelet and collectible charm sent out every month!

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Hello Kitty Pen

Everyone love Hello Kitty!

She needs to make an appearance in Super Cute Box to mark her territory.

This month in the form of a poka dot ball point pen, 4 different colours you could have receieved

Macaron Box & Love Necklace

A stylized 'Love' necklace with a cute lil gem in gold is perfect for an elegant look.
Just a touch of cute.

This was hidden inside a macaron trinkets/pill box, perfect for storing small jewellery or medication.
Clips together so can be easily popped in your bag!

 Innabox Unicorn Earrings

We teamed up with Innabox to provide you with the cutest unicorn earrings!

As well as a discount voucher exclusively for all SCB Members in their online shop.

Check out their website for more amazing jewellery!

Birdie Hair Clip

Patch work style plastic birdie hairclip looks super cute next to your top bun look or your hair down and hairband style!

But it doesn't have to be just used for your hair - why not use it in your planner as a bookmark?

Panda Eye Mask

This face though! Them eyes!

Opening your box you should have been greeted with this love-able eye mask!

You will need one after freshers week to help sleep through the day..the next day!

Food Erasers

I first fell in love with these when spotting them in a shop once and thought they were the cutest of all erasers!

A pack of 4 in a lil bag, some you have to put together. What food did you get?

Fruit Headphone Plug

Make your phone stand out with this lil headphone plug that adds a piece of fruit to your device.

Lets face it, headphone sockets aren't used for most of the time your using your phone - so why miss on this opportunity to add a lil character to it!

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